Abstract Submission:

The symposium provides the opportunity to present your work in oral sessions or in a poster presentation. The final form of presentation (oral or poster) will be chosen by the organisers upon compilation of the full program. Abstracts can be submitted specifically for the Friday afternoon competition.

As a token of our appreciation for younger scientists contributing to the conference program, investigators aged 35 or younger who have been selected for a poster presentation will be charged a fee of only 125 Euros for the symposium.
The deadline for submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations is: Friday November 22th, 2019.

When submitting an abstract (see below), indicate if the abstract may be suitable for the competition, and indicate if the presenting investigator is younger than 35 years of age.
Please be aware that the abstract book will be published online after Christmas 2019.

Send abstracts or requests for further information to Mieke Pruijsten.

Abstract format:

NEW: Please format your abstract according to the guidelines document.

Abstract submisson:

We are looking forward to receiving your abstract!

Please send abstracts to Mieke Pruijsten. For further information, please contact Mieke Pruijsten.